The power of less

I often tend to find non-standard analogies to the world of technology around me. Because it’s Easter time many people go into the holiday craze and frankly, also tend to go a bit insane. Extreme cases cover such behavior as fighting till first blood for cheese (I hope I’m just making this up) or working… Continue reading »


It’s been a while, but for good reason. After my openSUSE had bitten the dust I had to reanimate it. Cause? Rather embarrassing one: I managed to fill the whole main volume, namely: / (read: root). The system collapsed in effect and had to be installed from zero. I was rather visibly bummed out by this,… Continue reading »

Achievement unlocked!

Achievement unlocked!

The biggest change to this blog since its initial setup was its initial setup. After I’ve installed WordPress on the server and settled with a theme (it had to be green and simple, all I knew) I was busy just adding posts. I wanted to avoid the pitfall of developing bells and whistles without gaining… Continue reading »

Love and hate – A Wordpess story

During the years I had lots of encounters with WordPress, mostly good. But you won’t get to know it better until you have your own installation and need to push it. A special OPs page I decided to give my blog some love and add another page. This time it called for some custom CSS… Continue reading »